Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 14 of 16

This was the last Hard week before we "taper". When we taper we down the duration a bit and keep the intensity up... Or that is the plan

Monday Day 11 After a warm up we did 6 x (3+2min) 85% / 50%.
Tuesday Day 12  We also concentrated on longer intervals (3 minutes zone 3 and 4)
Wednesday Day 13 Was like a recovery day with just 1 short interval at 85% of VO2max
Thursday Day 14 The last day and it consisted basically of as many 30secx30sec 100%/50% intervals as you can manage. 
Friday we rested and Saturday we did a LSD of 90km in 5 hrs.
Sunday me and The Pretty One took the tandem for a spin in the dirt and had a lovely 40km of togetherness