Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beit2Cape - 2011 edition

20 Days to go
My programme for the first leg of the Beit Bridge to Cape Town Mountain Bike trip. From Pietermaritzburg I am part of the Freedom Challenge Group.
Friday 27 May 2011 - Drive to Beit Bridge - The Pretty One will take me and hang around for a few days. Mobile Support Station (SS)
Sat 28 May 06h00 - start riding at Beit Bridge to Mangwele - Ilette wil man a "mobile support station at Mangwele, so there will be something to eat, the donkey should be warm and stock for the next day.
Sun 29 May - Mangwele to Madyisa Lodge. "Lodge" is maybe a bit overstated, but it is comfortable with your own room and bathroom.
Mon 30 May - Madyisa Lodge to Haenertsburg - Ilette will drop your/my stuff and head back to Pretoria. If someone need to go back - she only leaves as we arrive to say goodbye, so you can catch a lift.
Tue 31 May - Haenertsburg to Camp Mafef. If we can find a brave soul with a proper 4x4 to support us at camp Mafef, then so be it, otherwise we are on our own. There will be a bed, and I can arrange for bedding, but no towels or cutlery. There is a gas stove sometimes and drinking water, but I will take dry rations like nuts, dried fruit, pro-vitas, etc for lunch, dinner and breakfast.
We 1 June - Camp Mafef to Burgersfort - We should be at the first spaza in about 2-3 hours after we leave Mafef for coke and basics. We sleep in luxury at either Hannah Lodge or Iketla Lodge.
Thu 2 June - Burgersfort to Pelgrims Rest
Fri 3 June - P.R. to Mankele near Sudwala. I was catered for perfectly last year.
Sat 4 June - Mankele to Barberton.
Sun 5 Jun - Barberton to Piggs Peak - Know nothing yet of Piggs Peak
Mon 6 Jun - Piggs Peak to Mbabane - Know nothing about Mbabane yet
Tue 7 Jun - Mbabane to Amsterdam
Wed 8 Jun - Amsterdam to Lunaburg
Thu 9 Jun - Lunaburg to Bloodriverpoort
Fri 10 Jun - BRP to Rourke's Drift
Sat 11 Jun - RD to Kranskop
Sun 12 Jun - Kranskop to Dalton
Mon 13 Jun - Dalton to Pietermaritzburg
So, who is coming along? Even just for a fiew days...

Camp Mafef - You need a mountain Bike or Proper 4x4 to get here

I have crossed the Olifants River here before, hope it is not as full as this in June


  1. Hi Boerkjie, hope u r well and keeping the big blade turning? Please keep yr Blog updated so we can read the war stories and comment and encourage. I know it is not always easy after 10+ hrs on the bike to get ones creative juices working, but at least know you have will readers.

  2. Hi Jaco sitting in a Munchen hotel, warm hot & humid, much rather be freezing my Gonads off in the Bundu with you though! Read the spine of the dragon and I see they have completed their trip. It was for a good cause and it sounded similar to your venture, some guys have all the fun! Glad to hear you sorted your Hub out, sound if the actual hub itself broke? How long will Joyce be with you? have a great ride enjoy the beauty that beholds you and say HI to Mother nature for me,Cheers my Friend!