Monday, January 31, 2011

Mapping a Game Farm

Sunday sight seeing. The Limpopo in flood. Normally a border post.
Sunset. Perfect ending to a perfect day.
The Pretty One at a giant ant nest

Great riding

More great riding
Very few mountains, so no downhills...
A friend of mine has a game farm in the north western region of Limpopo Province near Swartwater very close to the Limpopo River. The farm is about 1000 Hectares and to see the game and manage the farm properly a network of tracks was made over time. I was invited to bring my GPS and my mountain bike and plot the tracks and create a map for him. The circumference of the farm measures to about 24km, and I rode over 100 kms on Saturday and there is a number of tracks that still need to be mapped. So I will have to go back there.
Cycling amongst the Giants of th North

Before this can happen though I need to go to hospital. During December I developed an uneasiness in my lungs when training hard and because of my Cancer history I thought it better not to ignore this and hope it will go away. The X-rays did show something so now the procedure to make sure what it is is to do a bronchoscopy (putting a camera down my airpipe), a Torascopy (Making a small cut between my ribs and sticking a camera into my lung) and then making a bigger cut to take a sample and die a quick microscopic analysis to see if it is benign or malignant. If it turns out to be malignant then they open up the chest and cut out what is needed.

So let us pray that it is indeed not necessary for any drastic procedures and that I will be back training in a jiffy. I will try and keep you posted.
Sunrise with the breeze creating condensation on one of the few hills

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