Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sabie Exp Training week 16 of 16

13-19 Dec 2010

Monday I recovered from the drive back from Cape Town, fiddled with the bike and started getting everything ready for the race.
Tuesday we did a 5 minute test, and Kobie did better, I was a couple of meters short. I think I struggle with the high intensity stuff. Don't know why?
Wednesday we packed and drove to Sabie, pitched camp and got everything ready for the next morning's time trial and the 4 days of racing.

I was wandering how strong I would be and if I would not hold Kobie back to much, but we had 4 day of glorious mountain biking ahead of us and we did work hard in the last 16 weeks. The weather is always unpredictable in Sabie, but that is another story...

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