Monday, July 11, 2011

Chemo Therapy

14 July
11 July - in the last 2 weeks nothing much happened and life went on as normal. I saw two doctors the last 2 fridays and tomorrow I start with chemo therapy. If after 42 days the tumor is not any smaller I will probably have an operation to have it removed. That is the tumor in my right abdomen. So this is new uncharted territory, and I will log it here as I go along.

12/13 July, Tuesday/Wednesday - went to oncology early and had to wait a bit, but soon I was seated in a comfortable "lazy-boy" chair. Some blood was taken for analysis and then the drips was starting to come. Each patient gets his/her own concoction of drugs and my cocktail included some brightly colored ones. One of the drugs need to be administered over a 24 hour period and another over an 8 hour period, so I had to sleep over. I do not know what these hospitals charge for because paying R2500 per night and all I do is occupy a bed and get three simple meals doesn't come close. There is NO DSTV, so it must be the rental of the drip measuring/controlling instrument that is VERY expensive. I finished with all of this on Wednesday evening 21h30 and just after 10 I was in my own bed and looking forward to a good nights sleep. So far no funny feeling in the system yet, but the next 14 days will be tough...
A very expensive drip machine
Some of my cocktail
The oncology room at Wilgers

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  1. The remote mountains called. It was an honour to get to know you and to share some experiences. May there always be singletrack, challenges and great company where you are now. RIP.