Monday, June 20, 2011


It is tough to have to stop.

I was just not able to continue riding and walking was becoming near impossible, so I had to stop and get well. I got a lift from near Taylorville to Matatielle on Friday and then rode the short distance from Matatielle to Masakala. I started to rest and had a very restless night. On Saturday morning the leg was still very swollen and in no condition to ride a bike. The Pretty One arrived and we took a scenic drive to Rhodes. I met up with a few friends, had a lovely supper and on Sunday we planned to follow some of the route from Rhodes. In the mean time Alex Harris developed mechanical issues with his bike and we took some parts through to a support station as well.

We arrived home (Pretoria) just after midnight and I have spent yesterday and today (Mon & Tues) in bed with my leg elevated to drain the lymph. It is draining well and should be OK by tomorrow.

Priorities now will be:
  • Get the cancer sorted out.
  • Find out what the radiation did to my lungs and what my capacity and capabilities will be now.
  • Get strong and fit.
  • Dream on...


  1. Jaco, jy's 'n insperasie vir my!! Dink dit is great wat jy gedoen het, al het jy nie die droom voltooi nie!
    Hoop jy word baie gou beter en kan gou weer op die fiets klim!

  2. dis ok om op te hou ry ... moet net nie ophou droom nie ...

  3. The "Moitessier" option will keep to another year!

    Rest and recover.


  4. Vriend Jaco,
    Besef dit was nie 'n maklike besluit nie, maar dit was die regte besluit.
    Elke km wat jy gery het was 'n oorwinning vir jou en motivering vir my en soveel ander.
    Sien uit na ons vlg trippie!