Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lunaburg to Bloedrivierpoort 7 June 2011

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"Juliana supplied us with food at Whisting Duck and Joyce and me made a padkos at 4 am and stayed indoors to the very last minute - ice cold outside. However at 7h30 we had the most perfect day for cycling. Minimum 11 degrees and covered with a blanket of clouds."
Whattle charcoal

"Can't see the sunrise but trust we will not have rain. At 9h30 we had a second breakfast and kept climbing. Dave would love this - big watershed to climb over and down into another catchment area and then Bloedrivierpoort."
First sun

"At 12h00 had great egg and bacon sandwiched and potatoes we made this morning. Trust we will have a downhill after these climbs."
Kemplust cycling club
"13h30 we are about 19km from Bloedrivierpoort and has just spent some time relaxing on the narrow  bridge at Melkbosrivier. The cool wind is fortunately in our backs.Total of 80km in 8h 44min with a maximum speed of 66,7km/h - a great downhill. Garment ascent does not seem to reflect correctly the big mountain we climbed. Extremely cold outside at 16h00 and we will have to dress as warm as possible tomorrow!" 

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  1. Just AWESOME !!! I am so jealous. Was on the bicycle just after 6am this morning on my way to work and couldn't stop thinking of your adventure. I wished I could "Teleport" myself onto your route this morning instead of doing the same old route to work. ENJOY every moment Jaco.
    Francois Genis