Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ntsikeni (May Lodge) to Banchory 16 June 2011

May Lodge
"Last night we had great vegetable soup but the rest was not much. Sleeping in bunk beds and I had to sleep at the top and could not lift the bed as usual to drain my leg. However the time resting in bed drained it well enough."
Politiquekraal. Slow going.
"Left late this morning and will just be riding halfday to Banckory. My battery if flat my body tired and my feet hurt due to all the walking yesterday. At 9 I am going through the Ntsikeni bush and then  should reach  the jeeptrack."
"Not much of a jeeptrack - te first couple of hours today was just a fight againt long grass marsh and that is not cycling. Thereafter the wind from the front made me cycle downhill. I arrived at Banchory just after 2 extremely tired. I will have to decide tomorrow what my body will allow me to do."

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