Monday, June 6, 2011


Jaco and Joyce left Bulembo just after 5 and as usual took a great photo of the sunrise.
However at about 11 I received this email from Joyce: "Hi Ilette. Jaco het probleme met sy agterwiel. Zachrys was gelukkig nog hier en ons het so by 30km ingeklim. Hy neem ons nou Amsterdam toe. Jaco bel jou sodra hy sein het. Ons is nou by Oshoek grenspos."

The axel of the hub was very loose and Jaco did not take the change carry on cycling. He organised some wheels from Cyclehouse in Pretoria and I left for Amsterdam just after 1 with the wheels and his toolbox. At 5 he was already changing the tyre to the new wheel and found that the hollow axel of the back wheel has actually broken.

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