Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pelgrim Rest to Misty Mountain 1 June 2011

"After a good rest in Pelgrims Rest (!) I left at 05h33 and rode the 61.5km in 9h12min. From the start I could feel that the 4 hard days was still in my legs and I took it very easy, stopping often for photos and to enjoy the vistas. The breakfast pack was enormous and I ate only the yoghurt, banana and muffin with cheese and ham but not the eggs, sandwiches and apple! The ride from Pelgrim's to Stables and Hartbeesvlakte is a long, hard climb up the escarpment and all too soon the Hartbeesvlakte jeeptrack gives way to a never ending undulating forestry road. Misty Mountain is an oasis (bit noisy next to the Long Tom Pass) and I am having a super rest." I receive voicemails and photos often during the day.  His tracking device is not working yet and Jaco send me the following from his Satphone
Hartbeesvlakte 1808m

GPS fix

Lat: S 24 58' 32''
Long: E 30 43' 51''
Time: 06:08:55 UTC
Date: 01-06-2011
Altitude: 1475 m
Velocity: 0 km/h

Horiz: +/- 24 m
Vert: +/- 112 m

"I passed a logging area during the day and that meant a bit of traffic but after that the forest was beautiful. The streams were flowing strong and the waterfalls were spectacular. It was actually never warm today and I wore my Cape Storm very expensive windbreaker as a second layer. I could have done with thicker socks butonce you start riding it is just too much effort to put more or other socks on and suffer!  I am writing this while I am having supper. The starter was devine - brinjals and peppers with roasted sesame seeds with a stirfry followed by pork chops and extra mash. Hope I have not catch a cold from the sniffing waitress..."
Lets see what tomorrow brings ....
Vista from my Misty Mountain

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