Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Allandale to Ntsikeni 15 June 2011

 "Left at about 3.30  but battled to get out due to electric fences - I only had McKenzie's narratives and the  direction but will find my way.  Arriving last night at 8 and after dinner hit the bed. I have a lunchpack and then next stop will be Centacow. Mission. The cattle track bit difficult to ride this time of the morning."
Mudd at Allandale
"Beautiful with the mist on the dam. Not too cold with little frost on the road and just a slight breeze. I am dressed with a Tshirt from my box, 1 thermal, windbreaker, pressure stocking, long riding pants, normal buff, riding gloves and fleece gloves over it."
"Arrived at Donnybrook before 7 - slow 3.5 hours for the 15km!"

Geelhout - one of many
Brutal gradients - pretty houses
" At 9 I stopped in the Donnybrook forest to fasten my shoes where previous riders has made the boo-boo to take the wrong turn to "Reeton?" away from Centacow . The boo-boo I made was to left my nice warm gloves next to the road! Maybe someone will see them?"  "11 and I have just Left Centacow walking up after having some sandwiches coke and coffee. Cycled 47km in 7h38 - including the stop. 50km to go."
"Its is 3 o'clock - 70km and already 11 hours on the road - average of 6km/hour. It is not the distance but the climbs that is so brutal and tuff on my body that make it a very hard day. Another 25km to go."
From there....
.... to there, go up forever

" Maybe should think about riding half a day tomorrow - just to Banchory. After resting well I can start early and then decide up to where I can ride. The Banchory - Masakala - Malekholonyane route I have done before on my Lesotho trip, but then I was much fitter! If This is the plan I can still be on target."
"At about 6 it was gettting dark and my batteries are seriously "gedaan". I have been too long on the road. Not strong and fit enough and will not be able to keep going at this tempo. Plan to only go to Banchory tomorrow and even if I am a day behind so be it."
Climb the ladder

Full moon

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