Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bloedrivierpoort to Rorkes Drift 8 June 2011

"We started late - Marie Fourie spoiled us with her hospitality and we had too much to eat - beef strogonoff and a great pudding. Fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast as well as the left over from last night. My uncle Gert and Marie visited us last night from New Castle who brought us great stuff for padkos.  It is also very cold  but fortunately no rain yet. Strong wind and as soon as we stop, is it cold."
" Cycling over some farms to Bloedrivier and then along the railway service road."
"Everyone on the FC will know the saying  - the devil drive a diesel bakkie. 10km from Bloedrivier we had a downpour and were busy changing when Joyce looked up and said - here is our lift! The bikes on the bakkie and 10km further we sat in the restaurant in Bloedrivier, drinking a cup of hot milo. As soon as it clear, we can carry on - cycling 80 of the 90 km is not to bad for the day. "

"Carrying on from here we had a great ride but then it started raining again and we got totally soaked. My jacket does not help at all and Joyce was extremely cold. We parked ourselves in a "gym" next to a spaza shop and changed into the only dry clothes we had in our bags!"

Jaco's sister Elbie and Wouter come from Empangeni to give them whatever support they needed and slept with them in the Rourkes Drift Cultural Village. Emmanual and his helpers prepared a great dinner and  they had a great meal in the large hut around a welcoming fire.

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