Monday, June 13, 2011

Kranskop to Dalton 10 June 2011

"What a great place to have a rest day - Christas B&B in Darlton and I had a great evening meal and kuier  with her and Francois and the family. She made a thick soup and put it into a freshly baked muffin type bread, boboti and malva pudding.! At 10 it was still raining and miserable windy outside."
"At 7 on Saturday morning I was already well on my way and could see this great sunrise. Feeling good after the rest days and it even feels that I am riding faster without seeing Joyce going up the hills in front of me!"
Nagel Dam
Over the
"Saturday just after 1 I am sitting on a bench at Aintree Lodge having my last sandwich and 2 perfectly boiled eggs. Resting for 2 days and then Tuesday it is me and the Freedom Challenge."

Looking back at the downhill

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