Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pietermaritzburg to Alandale 14 June 2011

Time to go

"At 5h45 we are all waiting at the City Hall and waiting for David's speech and 6am. I know I will be riding at the back but that is also all right - will take it day by day."
PMB City Hall
"At 6h30 the sun is coming up slowly - not cloads. I am on the dirt road and my legs feel good but my lungs work hard. Minerva around the corner, the day in front of me and looking forward to cycling to the Cape."

Great weather
"Along the nature reserve I saw a large number of Blesbuck and Blouwildebeeste. Riding slowly but feeling great. Uphill all the way and average of 11km/hour. "
"Just after 8 the bad tar road behind me, it was very busy and not a nice ride at all. The guy in the coin security bakkie gave me a very suspicious look but trust he will just keep going!"
Eland op 'n paal

"The gravel road is very very busy, bakkies and trucks, must be close to 50, and very dusty. Fortunately not wet and muddy and raining as in 2008 when Louis and I rode it although then it was very quiet. Should be at the forest road by 9am."

Things called gates
Piekniek on the Umkomaas
"At 14h30 at the Umkomaas River. Unfortunately got a bump on my left leg against something I did not see and is getting stiff. It just will have to get better. Eat something and then tackle the bush to the bridge. Do not know how easy I will find it."
"  Hella Hella pass take some time. The river was too full to go through and the route go through the bushes and then back to the bridge to cross the river.  My leg I bumped on a rock is not too bad but it is still warm - hope it will not be too bad tomorrow. At 17h30 still another 2-3 hours to go so hope to be at Alandale at 8."
Last sun ... long day

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