Monday, June 6, 2011

Amsterdam Lunaburg 6 June 2011

"Leaving just after 5 and already started with a climb that I could not remember from the scouting. At 8h30 is was still very cold, below zero, fortunately I had the mits on. After breakfast of toasted ham and cheese made for us by the friendly people from Glen Oaks, I feel good. Already cycle 30km and the average speed with the rest is just more than 8km/hour. Now going down to the Hayshope dam after one of the long uphills for the day. Still very cold bur fortunately the sun is shining but I will still keep my mits on for some time."

"Passed Iswepe at 09h30 and bought some coke. The lady behind the country has been there for 10 years. She and her husband bought the shop believing this to be their retirement but unfortunately he died just a month therafter. The music from the tavern next door does not seem to improve her mood."

At about 11h00 Joyce found to her surprise that her gears has stopped working - the gear cable has broken (we actually talked about it last night). But can you believe that just 1km thereafter we came across an Eskom bakkie next to the road with a nice sharp sidecutter and 3min later the gears has been fixed and at 11h12 we were on our way past the Huyshope dam!"

"Cycling 117km in 11h 45min we reached the lovely Whistling Duck B&B and met the friendly Julianne who is preparing some dinner for us even on short notice. Tomorrow is another day!"

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