Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rorkes Drif - Rest Day 9 June 2011

"  I decided to give my leg a rest day - just as well because the bikes were completely frozen - will have to try later today but most probably only tomorrow.
Rorkes Drift Zulu Village
It is extremely cold and we are doing some sightseeing with our supporters. Wonder about the English / Zulu wars if it was also in winter?

At 11h00 we have already visited the St Augustine Church and Isandlowane Museum and then plan doing  a site tour."
St Augustine Church
"It is so cold  I believe Elbie has lost her sense of humor in one of the Zulu huts!"

They had a great day in scouting and found another support station in the Ntingwe Tea Plantation. Raining the whole day and eventually ended up at the St Cathrys Golf estate close to Kranskop.  Piet & Cathy Nel gave them great accommodation and did not charge them a cent!  They were most interested in the cycling business. Their web address is They have a restaurant as well but Jaco's sister Elbie and Swarry came well prepared to cater for the evening.
Would rather ride my bike here

Even support is frozen

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  1. Hi Jaco - please keep posting if you can - we're reading, even if we dont post comments all the time. rest well before you start again :)