Friday, June 3, 2011

Elandsvalley to Barberton 3 June 2010

Mtb yes 4X4 no
"At 6 I am already on my way up Starvation Creek. My body and feet are fine but my hands very cold. Fortunately after 8 I had some sun on my back. The steep forest road up to Kaapse Hoop in front of me,  some baboon calls in the background and the N4 down in the valley. I feel good."

"At 11h00 I am still waiting for a ham and cheese and resting for about 50min. The climb up here is gruelling. Hope to be in Barberton before 6 another 60km to go. The dirt road to Barberton through the plantations very busy on this Friday afternoon - dust and lot of lorries from the plantations. The uphills very slow in granny gear and the downhills fairly fast. Wrong time of the week to ride this road." 
 " At 7 I am having a great pizza at Pappas and will take half it up the mountain tomorrow. Just over 82km for the day took my just under 12 Hours. My body is tired but maybe it is getting better - will know after tomorrow!"
Ride over this last year
Barberton 16h58
Kaapse Hoop 1672m

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