Friday, June 3, 2011

Misty Mountain to Elandsvalley 2 June 2011

"Starting at 6am on my way to Mankele meaning could be there late morning leaving 100km for the next day to Barberton but pushing towards Kaapse Hoop not really an option. Have enough food (should be more) for the road  and great dinner but would rather not stay at Misty Mountain again - would expect more and a  personal touch for the price charged. Just after 7,  not as cold as yesterday, sun on my shoulders and a slight breeze and my legs still feel good. Last time I did this part was at the end of the day. The bike is great and has just altered the grip slightly, I have not even pumped the tyres since Knox's farm we pumped it after the sandy bit. The backpack and clothes are great but unfortunately I have not packed my mitts. Hope it will arrive somewhere on the way!"
Is there a black cat?
Across the road

"The advantage to carry the 1:50 000 maps is that I could see a contour road around the mountain and followed a great slightly downhill road instead of going over as originally planned! Difficult to see mountain on google earth - great when a plan come together."

Jaco asked my early this morning to find accommodation for him somewhere between Mankele and Kaapse Hoop and I found Elands Valley Lodge wher Lucy was also prepared to make him a pasta dinner and fruit for breakfast.  "Arriving at 3 and at 6 I have already done all my chores, had dinner and even the washing is almost dry.  At least I will have a good rest and start when I wake up and be on my way to Kaapse Hoop."

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