Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chemo 2

19 July
11 July
14 July, Thursday - I had a very good night and slept like a rock. Waking up I started feeling a bit groggy but had some tea and started doing stuff in the office. Soon I was having a conversation with the big white ear and took a Clopamon tablet. This is an anti-nausea tablet. It seem to be working and I had some toast and yoghurt recently which I am holding down for now.
15 July, Friday - The rest of yesterday went quite well so it seem that the Clopamon tablets is working. Could eat normally, but the wine last night did not have it's usual appeal. I have a constant bad taste in my mouth, but otherwise I feel OK. When I woke this morning I felt good until I changed the horisontal to the vertical, but took a Clopamon and soon I was looking forward to the day. Might even go for a little bike ride a little later.
16/17 July, Saturday/Sunday -  I did go for a leisurely ride on Friday. Me and The Pretty One went book browsing in the mall and had something to eat. Felt a bit tired after that and went straight home. I relaxed on Sat morning in front of the Tour de France highlights. Sat afternoon we visited the Kirsten brothers that just finished their Freedom Challenge race. We slept at my Brother's place and had a visit with The Pretty One's family on Sunday. Through all of this I was feeling 85-95% coming and going and I suppose that is much better than expected.
18 July, Monday - Woke up early and went to the office. I fiddled with a problem and did some computer work, then I did a delivery or 3 and took a very gentle ride in the afternoon. I did not take an anti nausea pill today. I did not need it and I am wondering if this pills can cause constipation. I am also eating more dried fruit and fibrous stuff, so I hope this will help.

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  1. Sterkte ou maat ons dink aan jou en jy is altyd in ons gebede, hou jou doel voor oë en maak dit werk, ek weet jy kan !!!!!!