Monday, January 10, 2011

Sabie Experience 2010

We trained. We raced. We enjoyed. And that is the reason why I ride my bike. Because I enjoy it. Someone said he would rather leave his wife than his bike. Well I love my wife, so I will not go that far, but I enjoy cycling...

Due to a seriously depleted field, The Old and The Pittyfull team managed a second place in the Masters category. But I will take it. It was OK to be on the podium again, but I think it was important for Kobie and I am glad we could do it.

Pitching Camp

After the time trial.

Ready to go

Support. THANKS!

Great to ride with our friends


The "outoppie" podium with walking sticks and all

Dirty and happy

Dirty and Happy

Holiday at Dullstroom

Bike wash

A decent size rainbow. Smoked and mmm...

Tranquility. Hunting for a Rainbow...

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