Monday, January 24, 2011

Cycling at Swinburn

After a bit of rain durimg the night the day turned out to be exactly what one can whish for in a perfect world. It started off cool and cloudy, and only became warm later in the day. The rain stayed away until late afternoon when we wanted to braai. So we braaied under the roof on the stoep.

The ride was brilliant and I ended up doing 116km with nearly 2000m ascent. Down De Beer's Pass I was held back by strong winds but managed a respectable 86km/h. And then there was the mud... Glorious mud... Getting dirty is so much fun on a mountain bike.

I had big plans for Sunday, but the rain persisted and the laziness got the better of me. Eventually we went for a little ride (3 of us, Paul and Charles joined in) and this turned into a nice adventure when we decided to ride around the mountain at Swinburn. Only 12 km but it turned into a 4 hour ride/freeride/slog/hike. And did we get soaked by a thunderstorm of note!

But a great weekend and the mountain biking potential will definately see me back.

Lovely early morning riding along the service road.

Every indentation was a river after all the good rain.

The low point of the ride was that this pass was tarred recently.
It did make for some stunning downhill riding.

The escarment awaits. A lovely ride up the old railway pass near Van Rheenen

Marelize (organiser), Paul, Sharon, Linda and Charles
The Mountain in the Mist. The round trip was 12 km,

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