Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sabie Exp Training week 15 of 16

6-12 Dec

This was the so called "TAPER" that started so the intensity was lower.
Monday we did 20 15sec/15sec 100%/50% sprints along the railwayline
Tuesday we rode about 2 hrs in zone 2 - Flat roads
Wednesday morning I spent time with the "Bosbokkies" and joined them for breakfast after the ride
Thursday was time trial day and I equalled the time of the previous time trial exactly. On thursday night I flew to Cape Town to drive back with my son, and took the bike along.
Friday morning I had a not-so-easy ride with my uncle of 70 years. I hope I wil still be able to cycle in 20 years time!
Saturday Morning very early I tackled Steteynskloof, the last day of the freedom Challenge and what a spectacular day it was. 62km - 11h46m. It deserves a separate blog entry, watch this space.
The last part of the hike-a-bike section.

Sunday was spent driving the 1300km back from Cape Town to Pretoria

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