Monday, November 22, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 12 of 16

Monday 15 November 2010 - This was a rest day and enjoyed properly
Tuesday - We did a 5 minute all out test up Okkies track and put a peg in the ground. We will start a 14 day MAX VO2 Booster Programme on Saturday and then just before Sabie (21 days later) we will see if this booster programme did something for our top end. We followed this 5 minute session up with some more zone 4 intervals up Okkie.
Wednesday - We did about 40 minutes of Zone 3 training along the railway line service road.
Thursday - Did an enjoyable zone 2 ride around klipkoppie and played around a bit in the area behind Baviaanskloof Prison.
Friday - Week 12 means time trial time again.

30-Aug-10  01:17:18
03-Sep-10  01:15:51
17-Sep-10  01:09:47
07-Oct-10  01:05:58
30-Oct-10  01:02:08
19-Nov-10  00:59:47

Training does pay. The idea is to keep the heart rate constant and ride the route faster as you become fitter.

Saturday was day 2 (Day 1 was the 5 minute test) of our 14 day booster programme. Not my idea, something I came across on the internet long (2 years) ago and saved, and rediscovered recently.

  • 20min incremental warm up
  • 10 x (30+30sec) 100 / 50% VO2 Max
  • 30min Easy/medium rolling

Sunday we did day 3 of the Booster Programme

  • 10min incremental warm up
  • 3 x (5+10min) 90% / 50% of your VO2 Max test result 
  • 5min Easy rolling.

Afterwards I rolled along with The Pretty One and had breakfast with her at Ludwig's Roses

Included into the weekend's mix was a lekker kuier by my brother Rudolf and we went playing with the mountain bike and the Prado in an old quarry. Me on the bike and he in the Prado.

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