Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 13 of 16

14 day booster programme

Monday 22 Nov - Day 4
20min incremental warm up
6 x (40+20sec) 95% / 50% of your VO2 Max test result
 4min easy rolling
6 x (40+20sec) 95% / 50% of your VO2 Max test result
6 x (40+20sec) 95% / 50% of your VO2 Max test result
Cool down
Interval training along the railway line service road
Tuesday was day 5 and a "recovery" day. I did this routine on my spinning bike. So after a warm up  I did 20 intervals of 15 sec flat out and 15 sec rest. After a warm down it was time to shower and do some work. In the afternoon I took an easy ride with The Pretty One around Buffelsdrift. Strictly zone 1 riding.
Wednesday - Day 6 of the programme. We did 4 sets of 5x (30sec 100% and 30sec rest)
It rained so we did these intervals in Rynoue on their sealed road - less mud
Thursday we did the same intervals, but as many in row as you can do less 1. The Idea is to push yourself to a point where you feel you can do only one more and then stop before doing the last one.
Friday was day 8 of the 14 day programme. We did 3 intervals of 5 mins each in zone 3.
Saturday is time to do a race. Plenty of Zone 3 and 4 intervals in race conditions. We opted for the Rust de Winter MTB race. It was very clear that Kobie is still a lot fitter than me. 
23     03:15:10     Hill Kobie
35     03:36:38     Strydom Jaco
I spent 55 min in zone 4 and 1h34m in zone 3. The rest was Zone 2. But I felt good after the race and still had plenty fuel in the tank. I do not think I could ride much faster (Although I did help 2 guys fix their punctures) but I could ride for much longer.
Sunday is recovery day (Day 10) so the spinning bike comes into play with 5 intervals of 30sec 100% 30sec rest

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