Monday, November 15, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 11 of 16

Monday - I had brave plans to ride early, but on Friday while I was riding Cousin2Cousin, the book binding machine decided to become fickle and it needed my urgent attention on Monday morning. Then it was work, work, work.
Tuesday - We did go out for an early ride (05h00) and did a nice zone 2 ride (41km) with a bit of zone 3 mixed into the pot. The legs were still a bit heavy from the long ride over the weekend.
Wednesday - Wanted to go out early, But received a SMS from Kobie telling me he feels bad. We postponed to the afternoon. So in the afternoon we rode fairly hard and did about 20 mins of zone 3 riding
Thursday we rode a mix of zone 3 and zone 4 and Friday we took it fairly easy, as not one of us felt 100%
Saturday we set of to Suikerbosrant near Heidelberg and did a good solid session (1400m total ascent) of just over 4 hours. We rode the climbs hard and managed an hour and 20 mins in Zone 3.
Sunday I went with The Pretty One to TEAK Place and played on their lovely tracks.

All in all not as hard a week as it should have been, but quite an enjoyable week of training.

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