Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 9 of 16

Monday 25 Oct - Very flat and easy zone 1 ride of 33km
Tuesday - Tried to do intervals, but did not feel to good. I managed 6 zone 4 intervals of about 3 minutes each. Me thinks it is still the effect of the lung bug that I was shaking off.
Wednesday - Managed about 50 minutes of zone 3 training
Thursday was a planned rest day
Friday the idea was to ride another time trial, but my bike broke and I had to phone home. So it was a rather short zone 1 ride only.
Saturday I managed to ride the time trial and managed a time of 1h02m. Previous time trial My Sister came to visit and I rode with them (Elbie, Wouter and The Pretty One) for the rest of the morning
Sunday - Due to the visit and the over indulgence that went with the visit, Sunday was promptly declared another rest day. I hope week 10 will have more substance.

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