Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 8 of 16

19-24 October

A week of BUGS

Monday we Started off doing level 4 intervals. By the second interval it was clear that Kobie was not very well, as I out sprinted him. He managed about 4 intervals of 3 minutes before his wheels came of. I did a few more and then escorted him home. Seem like a tummy bug got hold of him.

Tuesday He felt a bit better but we did an easy ride of about 3 hours - Zone 1 and 2

Wednesday I did 2 Zone 3 intervals. Kobie did not sprint of and disappeared over the horizon as usual, but rode at my pace and managed to keep up. We declared Thursday a rest day.

Waking up on Thursday morning it was just as well that I decided to REST because I had a horrible lung  BUG. My lungs were sore and I could hardly breathe. I had a fever and Thursday night The Pretty One slept in the "other room", because I coughed and was very restless.

Friday I was still feeling very under the weather but by Friday eve I started to feel a lot better.

On Saturday morning I felt good so we went for a LSD and managed 100km in 6 hours. Strictly zone 1, but I felt strong right up to the end of the ride.

Sunday we went to Breed's Nek. 60km with a 1000m assent. Was a tough ride when I rode it before the 2008 Cape Epic, and it still is a tough ride. But we managed a respectable 15km/h and rode 4 hours including the coke and bar one stop at the halfway mark.

We are now half way with our 16 week program, and the really hard part is about to hit us. I think I will still be a bit weak for high intensity training, but will see how it goes.

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