Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 7 of 16

It was a busy weekend with the Crater Cruise 104km on Saturday and the 56 km on Sunday. Monday was promptly declared a REST day.

Tuesday we worked 11 by 3 min zone 4 intervals into the ride
Wednesday we managed 2 x 26min of zone 3 intervals
Thursday we rode an easy zone 1&2 ride of about 3hours
Friday was just work, work, work so no riding
Saturday I rode the Bekker Bundu Bash. I remembered it to be a big event, but the numbers were low and the organisation was also way below par.What was advertised as a 65km race turned out to be 40km in the end. But it was "race conditions" so I pushed all the zones and enjoyed the ride.

Sunday I planned to do a 5-6 hour LSD but broke a chain after 4 hours and did not have a quick link. Gave mine away the day before at Bekkers. So I phoned home and spent the rest of Sunday with Ilette at her brother's place having to much food, wine and beer.

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