Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 6 of 16

Let us see how week 6 turned out. This week sees the start of REAL intervals, although it is just a start...

  • Monday 4 Oct - 8x level 4 intervals of 3 mins each. Rest about 2-3 mins in between
  • Tuesday - Things got out of hand with stuff and did not ride.
  • Wednesday - Rode in the morning with the "Bosbokkies" and did a few sprints and intervals, about 10 minutes worth
  • Thursday - Rode the 3-weekly time trial. Managed to ride it in 1h5min Previous timetrial
  • Friday - No riding. Went to Parys for the Crater Cruise
  • Saturday - Rode the 104km route with Kobie and rode only zone 2 & 3 and really enjoyed it. Finished in a respectable 5h30min.
  • Sunday - Rode the 58km route with Kobie on the Tandem. We really had a ball and managd to ride 2h30min. Also just Zone 2&3. Legs lasted all the way in spite of severe heat on Saturday and lots of wind on Sunday
All in all a good training week and visible or measurable progress is being made.

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