Monday, October 4, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 5 of 16

Normality, if normal can be normal, is back and with it the training programme. Normal is mad enough. After the tour of week 4, Saturday was spent driving back and Sunday was a serious recovery day. So the training started slowly.

  • Monday 27 Sep - 1h30min easy riding with The Pretty One
  • Tuesday 28 Sep - reminded the body and heart what hard work is all about with 2 sets of (10x20sec Sprint 40sec Rest) 5 minutes easy riding in between the 2 sets.
  • Wednesday 29 Sep - 2 x 22min intervals in zone 3 along the railway line.
  • Thursday 30 Sep - 10 x 2 min intervals in zone 4 up Oom Ockie's jeep track.
  • Friday 1 Oct - REST
  • Saturday 2 Oct - 88km 4h42min LSD that I finished off with a 8min and a 23 min interval in zone 3
  • Sunday 3 Oct - Me and The Pretty One took the tandem for a 50km easy ride. Stopped at Ludwigs Roses at about 40km and had coke and quiche. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!
Week 6 will see me working hard on the intervals and doing the 100km Crater Cruise "race" as a LSD ride on Saturday and riding the 50km "race" on Sunday with Kobie on the Tandem... mmm...

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