Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sabie Exp Training week 10 of 16

Week 10 sees us into November. The Sabie Experience is approaching very fast now.

Monday 1 Nov 2010 - Interval training should be the name of the game during the next 3 weeks, but it will turn out differently I think. I have to many other things planned, but I will have to see. I did manage 12 x 3 min zone 4 intervals and felt pretty strong.
Tuesday - 2 solid zone 3 intervals of 30 minutes each.
Wednesday should have been zone 4 again, but work interfered and no riding was done.
Thursday I packed for Cousin2Cousin and at 15h00 Kobie picked me up and we left for Newcastle
Friday Morning 06h00 we left Newcastle heading for Fouriesburg and 261km and 20 hours later at 02h00 we arrived at Helena's place. Tired, but happy.
Saturday I rested seriously, and Sunday I took a nice 25km recovery ride with The Pretty One.

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