Sunday, February 6, 2011

September 2008 all over

In Hospital, in pain

Room with a view
19 September 2008 I was told to be in the hospital as soon as possible. Same thing happened 26 january 2011. I went in and the Docs were not sure what they would find. Again this time the operation was bigger than expected, and what they found could not immediately be identified. This time around I hope it is not going to take 3 months to identify, and the the treatment can start swiftly. I need to get strong quicly so that I can ride the Beit2Cape in June. They have seperated my ribs on the left and even breathing is extremely painfull. But the vital signs is good and after 2 days in intensive care I was transferred to no care in a room with a view, and I hope to be out of here pretty soon.

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