Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Swaziland and 30 Years

Me and The Pretty One got married on the 28th February 1981. So we celebrated 30 years of happiness this past weekend. Part of this was my promise that I will cycle through the Baviaans Kloof with her. But this weekend was just for the two of us, so we packed the Pajero, left the bicycles at home and set off for Swaziland. The idea was to follow the route that I plan to ride in June during my Beit Bridge to Cape Town Cycle.

We had a lot of fun, saw some amazing parts of Swaziland off the beaten track, and at times tested the offroad capabilities of the Pajero.

Some Pictures:

Had to wait a while for the timber to be cleared - coffee break

Off the beaten track 1

Off the beaten track 2

Small Pajero
End of the road 1 - Only mountain bikes from here forward.

End of the road 2 - I will have to use the new bridge - Tar, hugh



Scouting a footpath

Disused railway line - knee-deep

End of the road 3 - Only mountain bikes
Coffee break - NO DRINKING and DRIVING - you spill to much

Yet another removable obstacle


End of the road 4 - Mountain Bikes only



  1. aaaaawesome! ....sigh.... that's the reason I want to resign my day job...to ride my bike!!

  2. Let us run away together. OK ilette and rodney can come too...