Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Touring with The Pretty One - Day 1

Jeffries Bay to Heron Cliff

When we woke everything was very wet from the dew but that is the support team's problem... not really. We bundled the wet stuff into the trailers and pretty soon everybody was on their way. We had to traverse some private land with SERIOUS orders about closed gates, so the group stayed together until we exited the farm roads and started entering the Baviaans Kloof. What a beautiful decent into the kloof. I have always ridden this part in the night as part of the Trans Baviaans 24hr race, and I never realized how beautiful it is. Pretty soon it was chill time at Heron Cliff. We had to move camp slightly as the original camping site was washed away in a flood days before. It did not rain in the kloof, but the water came from far and there it rained a lot. As recently as December Beaufort West had serious problems as their dam dried up completely, and when we went through there on our way the dam was overflowing. Same rains fed the rivers that eventually becomes the Groot River and flows through the Baviaans Kloof.

The tandem did well and I enjoyed the day out with The Pretty One.

Ready to go
Me and The Pretty One and the Tandem
Support ready with all the treats a tired cyclist want
The group chatting with one of the landowners - 81 years old and going strong
Chilling at Heron Cliff

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