Monday, March 28, 2011

Touring with The Pretty One - Day 0

We left the Dam just before sunrise and a spur of the moment decision made me ride over the dam wall instead of taking the main road. What a spectacle awaited us. The biggest dam in South Africa 100% full and overflowing. The rest of the trip was again without incident, butt the conditions of the roads in South Africa is shocking. The going was slower than expected but once in Jeffries Bay we pitched camp and spent some quality time on the beach and fixing the Beta version of a new bike rack that I designed and built. This was going to give us (actually the supporters) some interesting moments over the next few days.

The Gariep Dam bursting out of it's seams
The normally dry Karoo had a lot of rain in places
Setting up camp in Jeffries
Liezl and Sandy on the the beach at Jeffries

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