Saturday, May 7, 2011

20 Days to go!

It is 02h00 and I am wide awake. Not because I am worried about the trip that is coming up, you know, this thing of riding my mountain bike from Beit Bridge to Cape Town... I went to bed at 20h30, and then the cats started playing on our bed at 01h00, and now everything is fast asleep except me. But it is only 20 days to go.

The operation on my right ankle three weeks ago is healing well, and I had 2 training rides Fri and Sat. The foot feels good. In a few hours time I will go for a hike with my friend Tienie Stofberg and we will see how that goes.

My bike need to be built. I am rebuilding the Merida Dual Susser from the frame up. New everything, except brakes (new pads), Front and back derailieur (new jockey wheels). The pedals (shimano spd 540) are still good to go. The wheelset is good, just new bearings. The rest is all new. New shifters, grips, tyres, BB bearings, Casset, chainrings, Complete pivot set rebuild, Front fork and back shock serviced by Johan Bornman from yellow saddle. New saddle (tried and tested type). Even new shoes, that I am using for both riding and walking, so I will hike with them tomorrow.

In the mean time I went for a PET Scan on Thursday and I am awaiting the results of that.

So for now my 3 priorities are:
  1. Getting my maps ready, so I know where to go.
  2. Getting my bike built, so have something to ride there with.
  3. Getting fitter so I can get there
But there is no hurry. I have 20 days left...
Removal of tumor from my Aorta in Feb 2011 and radiation afterwards
1 week after the tumor removal from my right calf
A few days later I was hobbling along in the "moon boot"
Taking a light stroll without the moon boot about 15 days after the op.

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  1. Jaco,
    Laat my weet as jy in Prince Albert se omgewing is. En veral as ek iets vir jou kan doen.

    nul agt twee agt vyf drie sewe ses twee twee