Monday, May 16, 2011

Rebuilding my Merida - step 2

After all the activity of the weekend I declared today a recovery day. I thought that would give me a few extra hours, but alas.

  • I spent some time this morning starting to print all the 1:50 000 maps that I need for this trip.
  • Then I went on a search for specific O-rings and a very specific screw driver bit.
  • I went to pic up my PET scan photos from oncology in Wilgers to take to my Dr. at Eugene Marais Hospital.
  • I bought the boxes that need to be packed and shipped to Cape town to the Freedom Challenge Race Office as well as some plastic bags and stuff.
  • I saw the Urologist in connection with a stent that I have in my left kidney. It will stay in for now.
  • Then I went to SPAR to buy happy food to put into the 25 boxes together with the maps and other bits and pieces.

I arrived home in good time to work a bit on the bike:
  • I changed the back deraileur jockey wheels.
  • I took the three used chain rings off the right crank arm. That was quite a battle. The stupid screws is maybe the worst design that Shimano has in it's arsenal of very good mountain bike parts. I bought Truvative screws that is a much better design, only to realize that they are too long. So tomorrow I will most likely have to buy a set of Shimano screws (nuts & bolts)

This put an end to my enthusiasm for the bike, so I finished printing the maps and spent most the evening building the 25 boxes and starting to fill them. Tomorrow is another day...

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