Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rebuilding my Merida

The bike that I am going to use for the Beit2Cape trip is my Merida Mission duel suspension 26" bike.

This must be rebuilt completely so as not to leave any component weak. It must last at least 4000km or maybe even 6000. So I will post regularly as the process unfolds.

What have I done so far.

  • The bike is stripped completely until the bare frame was all that was left.
  • The front and rear shocks (ok front fork) was sent to Johan Bornman for a complete service.
  • I rebuilt the rear triangle by replacing all 8 bearings as well as the nuts and bolts keeping the bearings in place. (It is called a pivot set) It is now smooth, very smooth.
  • I replaced the bottom bracket bearings with new ones.
  • I replaced the headset bearings with new ones.
  • The front deraileur is OK and will remain as is

That is it for now.
Step 2

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