Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PET Scan, race boxes and ftc

I recently went for a PET scan and discussed the results with my Doc. There are 2 more tumors growing, but they are very small at this stage, so I am going to do the Beit2Cape ride first and then in August we will decide on the plan of action.

Most of the stuff I am packing in my boxes are packed. This includes:
  • A few elastic bands to keep my maps from flying of my map board
  • Some vitamins
  • Game sports drink powder
  • Happy food - Chips, Salty biscuits and Choclates
  • MAPS and narratives
  • Dried wors (Beef Jerky)
  • New tops for my water bottles
  • An old T-shirt that I can throw away when it gets smelly in a few boxes.
  • 3xAAA batteries for my petzl head light in about every 4th box
  • Wet wipes for hands, face, a**e when showering is not an option or the day becomes long...

I eventually tracked down a chainring boltset and will use the voting holiday to see if I can get my bike as close to finish as possible. I still need to test it on about 2 nice long rides...

So for now I make as if nothing is wrong and carry on regardless. Like my friend André always says: "Put it in the big ring and ftc"

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