Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The cast is off...

The cast came off today and the X rays showed an impressive array of screws and plates. It also showed that the operation was a success, but now I have to take it easy and live in my moonboot. I can gradually put weight on the foot and start moving the ankle to get some mobility back in it.

The best news is that I can take a shower and will not have to "top and bottom" in the washbasin... enough said.

Now that I can shower I will slowly start putting some time in on the spinning bike and I hope to be back on the real deal in a couple of weeks (about 3 weeks to get all the ligaments strong enough)

The Finisher's dinner at Diemersfontein was a great occasion and I hope to be there next year as a 2011 finisher. I really enjoyed the few days with The Pretty One in Cape Town, visiting all the cousins and uncles and aunts.

So tomorrow it is 100% back in the real world and about high time I do some real work...

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  1. So glad to hear you can stand on your own two feet again! Just have to say thank you again for being at the end at Diemersfontein. When I saw you there, I knew it was over, reality was sinking in. Dit was maar tough, maar hier vertel ek die storie.