Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Touring with The Pretty One - Day 3

Rooihoek to Bo-Kloof

"Bo-Kloof" is Afrikaans for Upper Valley. And it is indeed quite a bit "upstream" that we cycled. There was quite a mean pass to cycle over and then the rest of the day's cycling was gently uphill. It made for another longish but hot day in the office. Not that anybody was complaining. The scenery was just so beautiful that one could not help but stop often and just be in awe.

Another feature of this day was that we started to cross smaller streams and these were quickly named "road jacuzzi". Me and The Pretty One was still doing great on the Tandem and she was taking many pictures with my new Nokia phone. On this particular day I had a cycling shirt on with back pockets and she started putting my phone into my shirt pocket in stead of my backpack. At on of these roadside dips I diligently took my backpack off and took a deep long cool down in the jacuzzi. When she wanted to take another photo some time later we both realized with a shock what happened. All I can say is that Nokia phones cannot swim. They drown and die...

Once everybody was settled at Bo-Kloof we had a late afternoon rain shower, but the evening turned out beautiful and we had a well earned rest.
The pass

The pass
Finding and fixing a slow leak on the Tandem
A Donkey Cart

Local inhabitants
A Road Jacuzzi being enjoyed by Steve

One of the water crossings

And another water crossing

The Kloof is really beautiful
Then it rained

Honeymoon Suite

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