Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nearly Chritmas Again

Well... Nearly...

Christmas 2011 flew past, new years was a blur and the pace is relentless. I think it will be foolish to pack away the Christmas decorations to far...

So what happened since my last post?

  • My shoulder got better and then one night I slept through without feeling it and then it was gone. The pain, not my shoulder.
  • We had a few lovely kuiers and cycles in Empangeni with My sister and Swarry.
  • We had a lovely New Year's party and kuier with The Pretty One's family on Hoogland and we cycled a bit.
  • Then it was work and cycle and work and cycle...
  • I tried a bit of running for some impact training and decided against it, so I went back to the squash court for the first time since September 2008. It certainly worked some muscles that gets very lazy by just cycling and I think that for now this is the right sort of cross-training. I will just have to live with the fact that I will not be able to play at my BC level again. (Before Cancer).
  • I am getting fitter and stronger every time I ride and pretty soon I will be at the same level as The Pretty One - Just unfit, not Chemo Pathetic. Then I can start to work on my fitness...

So how about a few photos...
The Scenic route to Empangeni
Lekker Mountain Biking
Swarry, Elbie and Kids

Granny and ...
The Tree
Gordy Poo, Lover, Peet, Jenny Penny, Elbie (My Sister), Swarry, Anizeg, Granny Gezina, The Pretty One, and Me sans hair (in my Chemo disguise)

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