Thursday, January 19, 2012

The dangers of Squash

I decided that 2012 will be a good year to re-visit an old love of mine... Squash. I knew I would have to start slow and that it will take a while to get some mobility into my legs. Since September 2008 I only cycled and then only when I was not being operated on, being radiated or getting chemo. So the legs were getting pretty lazy in the running department, and my leg movement became more and more restricted. My Dr friend suggested I do some impact sport as the effects of the radiation on my bone structure should be something of the past.

Last week Wednesday saw me hitting a few balls with my friend Jan Westenraad at Adelaars Squash Club and I enjoyed it. I was not as sore as I thought I would be. I went for a knock with the "Old Boys Club" on Sunday afternoon. Not much changed about who pitches and plays on Sunday afternoons in 3 years... Again the body held up well and it was only a severe lack of anaerobic fitness and serious immobility that hampered my game. But the enjoyment was there! Last night I played a game with Willem and after the hour we sat down and cooled down a bit. When I got up there was something serious wrong inside my right bum. I battled to walk and looked like an invalid the way I limped to my car. I could barely walk from the garage to the house.

This morning was a struggle to walk the 80 meters to the office and I am sitting where I sit. It is really sore. I hope it is just a little tear and it will heal quickly. Fortunately today is a scheduled rest day so I will see how it goes tomorrow on the bike. A minor setback, but I will bounce back.
Receiving a special award from the Chairman of Northerns Masters Squash


  1. Hey Jaco, Ek volg jou avonture aandagtig. Ek vertrou 2012 sal jou beloon vir jou jou harde werk en moed.

    Deon Botha

  2. Dankie Deon. Die ondersteuning maak die stryd makliker, en so stry ons hom, met vriende aan ons sy.