Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mid Week Holiday

Wednesday 21 March is a Public Holiday in South Africa. So I am turning it into a long Weekend and Friday Afternoon The Pretty One and I will pack the Pajero and head West. We will stop just before the Botswana Border west of Zeerust and pitch our tent in a game reserve called Botsalano. There are very basic camping facilities, but we are not there to camp. This is one of my planned stop overs when I will cycle around South Africa as soon as I get fit enough.

On Saturday morning I will start cycling North and do a cycle scouting of my route north towards Beit Bridge. I do not know yet where I am going to sleep on Saturday night, but The Pretty One will give a bit of support and can find something. She will be in the Pajero and will have more freedom of movement.

The terrain is very flat and provided the road condition is not too bad I should be able to make good progress. I will post regular updates on my facebook wall and I will also try and see how well it works to be tracked using the Endomondo sofware on my BlackBerry phone.

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So what are your plans for this weekend?