Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chemo 11

Chemo 12
Chemo 10
12 Sep 2011, Mon - Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go... So does another week start. The Pretty One is pretty motivated to shake off the winter fluff and we went for a ride in the afternoon. Did nearly 30km's, slowly, but it was good. The shoulder is OK, the tiredness is not unbearable as long as I sit in the office behind a computer, so this week is a good week. If all goes well then we start session 4 next week Tuesday, and so the cycle repeats. In the mean time I will ride my bicycle and enjoy the good days double.
13, 14 Sep, Tue, Wed - Tuesday was a quiet day with no complains. Wednesday I did a quick delivery trip and in the afternoon me and The Pretty One went for a slow ride on the mountain bikes. I managed 26km in just about 2 hours. This is not slow, it is painfully slow - but I am riding and the shoulder is feeling quite reasonable. When I started Chemo I weighed 84kg, and now I am struggling to keep the weight under 88kg. So fortunately in the eating department all goes well.
19 Sep, Monday - On Thursday it was life as usual with no complains, Friday afternoon I went for a windy but flat 30km ride and Saturday morning The Pretty One joined me for a slow and hilly 25km ride through the Buffelsdrift smallholdings. Yesterday we slept late and in the afternoon we had a lovely braai at Abrie and Petro, The Pretty One's oldest brother and his wife. TODAY is significant as it is my sister's 51st birthday, but it is also my 3rd anniversary of discovering cancer. I saw 3 doctors that day in quick succession and they all got big eyes and said something like: "Mmm... this does not look good..." Now it is three years later and I am still here and fighting. I must go and draw some blood just now to see if the red and white blood cells are enough for another bout of chemo starting tomorrow. This afternoon I will go for another ride and then I will see if I feel like riding again by about Saturday or Sunday. Time to go...

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