Monday, November 7, 2011

Chemo 20

Chemo 21
Chemo 19
8 Nov 2011, Tuesday - It's been a while since I could even think of writing a blog entry or doing anything else but WORK. We are busy with 2 new recipe books and the one book 'Dis Mos Kos' or translated 'It's real food'. It is quite a job to put a book like this together and then there is a deadline and then the clients keep on changing their minds about the layout. This meant I worked Saturday and Sunday to try and get it completed before yesterday morning. I went to hospital yesterday early for my 6th and last chemo treatment, only to be sent back because my white blood cell count is way to low to get chemo. So I will have to go back on Monday 14th. This is a bummer. It means I can start training a week later, so I will be a week "unfitter" (the spell checker is screaming about this one) when I want to do my first serious ride on 17 March 2012, but that is how it is.
In the mean time I am feeling great, so this week is really a GOOD week with no funny feelings. I am also looking forward to meet 2 cycling tourists from America that is currently riding through SA and want to spend a few nights with us from Wednesday. It will be good to know people in The States. I still have it in the back of my head to go and ride The Great Divide.


  1. Good luck with preparations for your freedom tour next year :)

  2. Dankie Carine. It is going to be hardepad to get back to fitness, but it is someting that I must do, nobody else can do it for me...