Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chemo 22 - Final

Chemo 21
27 Nov 2011, Sunday - As the heading says, this is the final post I will do under the CHEMO heading and I hope to now start posting about cycling and other lekker things.
Since last Saturday when I posted nothing much or rather different happened except...
Shortly after posting last Saturday we had an attempted burglary at our house and the only thing that I was liberated of was my cell phone. It was quite an amateur job and most likely the work of my gardener that was retrenched a few months back. I think he was doing Christmas shopping. I have upped the security a bit and will spend some time in the coming week to get it even tighter.
On Friday morning I woke with a little bit of a sore throat and in the afternoon I had to go and pick up my lawnmower and passed close by the oncology hospital. I popped in and the Doc was quite worried. So I had to get a blood test on the spot, wait an hour for the results and then she wanted to admit me to hospital. My white blood cell count was seriously low. Eventually I convinced her I would be better off at home in real isolation than at hospital where the chances of picking up a serious bug is so much better. So they injected me with something similar to EPO, the banned-for-sportsmen red blood cell booster. This product stimulates and boosts the production of white blood cells. Together with this I was to monitor my temperature and take a course of super antibiotics. It is now Sunday Morning and although my throat is still sore, there were no rise in temperature and also no sign of the side effects of this booster injection. I managed to finish the layout of a collection of poems yesterday and in the afternoon we had a lovely braai and kuier with our good friends, Bennie and Hester. I plan to do as little as possible today and monitor my temperature, but I hope that by next weekend I will be feeling better and start a light cycling program.
In the mean time I got a new cell phone and tomorrow I must take it in to the service provider and see if I can get it sorted out. Maybe I will post an entry from the phone shortly just to see if it works...

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  1. Jaco, I've enjoyed reading your blog which I stumbled upon while googling cancer topics. I hope it is going well with the cancer. I am about to start following in your radiation and chemo footsteps from tomorrow. Also at Wingers. Stay we, Paul