Sunday, December 4, 2011

That shoulder again

Shortly after starting chemo I developed a sore shoulder. Nobody could shed any light on the cause, but it eventually went away. If the injection I had had anything to do with it then maybe I should go for another injection.

Since Thursday I started developing the same shoulder pain and I was hoping it would go away, but last night (Sunday) it kept me awake for the best part of the night and waking up this morning it was really sore. The good thing about keeping a blog is that I could read back and see what actually happened. It seem that the shoulder eventually just got better and then the pain went away. So my strategy for now is to try and ignore the shoulder and carry on regardless.

My job for the next few days will be to expand the alarm system. This will keep me out of mischief and maybe some physical work will either heal or kill the shoulder.

On Saturday me and The Pretty One and her Mother In Law went for a short ride (18km) and even the 70+ Granny left me behind on the only little hill of the day...

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