Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hassles After The Fact

My Pajero was recently liberated of it's radio, just a symptom of the type of person roaming the streets in this beautiful country of ours... So I got a case number from the police (all they are good for lately) and put in a claim with the insurance. They sent me to Gearlock City for the replacement and then the shit started. These guys are really not up to scratch. They had me waiting 2 hours yesterday with an initial promise that they will sort it out within an hour or so. Then I asked them to sort out what they need to sort out and let me know when I must bring the car back. So this morning early they said they are ready for me and it will be quick. I drove all the way there, parked the Pajero in their workshop and waited. After an hour they told me they have a problem. There is damage to the console and that will need to be replaced. This I told and showed them yesterday already. So I have now spent 2 trips into town and back (30 minutes one way - 2 hours), 3 hours of sitting on my hind quarters playing hangman on my BlackBerry and I am exactly where I was yesterday morning early. Their level of service does not excite me at all.

In the mean time I am riding a bit, and yesterday afternoon I thought I would try and get a weekly jogging session going in my training program. I eventually managed all of 800 meters in 6 minutes. So this is something I can hugely improve on. My shoulder still hurts like crazy and the medicine does not really do anything.

I have worked on the alarm system and in between all that I am also doing some garden paving. The office work seem to be drawing to close for the holidays, so I am chased outside to get these chores done.
5 of the 7 rows are in place. Now for some green stuff inbetween.

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