Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stil the shoulder hurts

Pain is something that one cannot just ignore, no matter how hard you try. On Monday night I just could not sleep. The shoulder was hurting really badly. I eventually scratched in the medicine drawer and came across the last tramacet tablet and a single panado tablet. I popped these two and by 01:00 I started feeling drowsy and I could feel the pain ease a little bit.
Tuesday morning I made an appointment with our local GP and by 14:30 I was sitting in his consultation room telling him the shoulder saga as it unfolded in July. He also prodded and pressed, bent my arm every possible and impossible way and even made me do some stuff the Orthopedic guys did not think of. None of it hurt. So eventually he asked me: "What do you think is wrong and how should we treat it?" That is why I went to him. To get this exact question answered...
So we also went the cortisone injection, tramacet, lyrika route and will now wait and see. Now it is Friday and although I sleep fairly well after I do the tramacet thing, the shoulder is not really any better yet. At times when I sit in a very hunched position it feels as if the pain goes away, and it hurts most while I an upright like walking or standing.
I have ridden on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday and while in the riding position the shoulder is also not too bad. I think it must have something to do with the tumors in my abdomen and the irritation that it might cause on the diaphragm.
I would like to go for a ride this afternoon, but it has eventually started raining and it does look very wet outside. So I might have to do the indoor spinning thing...
Too muddy for training, nice weather for red wine and pizza and...

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